"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art" ~Leonardo da Vinci

My heart dwells in the spirit of love and I try my best to convey that spirit in all that I do. I believe that this world is not my home and that I am here as a visitor to learn the spirit of love in its many manifestations. Stephen R. Covey said, "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. I believe that an individual who can embrace that reality as their own can transcend the density of this lower physical vibration and rise above the great illusion of separateness to see that we are all one. It is my hope that anyone who ventures onto this page will perceive this spirit of love and take away an experience that helps their own progression in self understanding and love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Mother's Spirit

Two years ago today, my beloved mother, Robbie, departed from this physical life.  She died in the hospital where she spent the last week of her life slowly succumbing to the effects of what would eventually be diagnosed as pancreatic cancer.  But this post isn't about Mom's death.  This post is about her spirit and how she continues to live on in those of us who loved her.

I have seen her in dreams where she told me that she now "travels by satellite" and that some of the answers  I'm looking for are in the "book of Numbers".  When I asked if she could show me where she lives now, she answered "yes" and showed herself to me as a brilliant blue star cluster in some other galaxy in the universe. She pointed out that I would one day be the red cluster next to her and then lovingly conveyed to me that I had to leave as she sent me flying backwards through a couple galaxies and back to earth.  In my wildest imagination this is NOT what I had invisioned. I was picturing beautiful, mist-kissed gardens filled with flowers, singing birds and streets of gold.  But what do I know?

Photo Courtesy of  NASA files

Mom stopped by to see me a couple weeks ago.  I was in the kitchen making a horrible mess as I tried to make chicken and dumplings for the first time in years.  The chicken was no problem but the dumplings were a different story.  There were spoons and measuring cups and flour everwhere, and the dough was not being cooperative.  Suddenly, Mom popped in right next to the stove, hands perched on her hips just like she used to,. She laughed heartedly at me as she asked, "WHAT are you doing?"  (Mom could absolutely throw down a pot of dumplings!)  I returned her good natured chiding and after assuring me I could rescue my efforts, she gave me a "thumb's up" before going her own way. It was great to hang out with her for those couple of minutes.  The dumplings were proclaimed to be "delicious comfort food" by my gracious husband, Keith.  I thought they sucked but I was glad I had made them because it had given me a wonderful, brief reunion with Mom.

This physical life is a precious experience, indeed. We live, laugh and love with each other, often unsuspecting of how quickly life can end.  I miss the physical presence of my mom. I miss touching her and kissing her.  I miss the way her face lit up when she saw me, and yes, I still shed a tear or two from a particularly tender memory.  But let us remember that we are NOT physical beings having spiritual experiences.  We are SPIRITUAL beings manifest here in physical form to experience that which we can not experience in the spirit realm.  And if being a spirt means the opportunity to really live among the stars, then death just isn't that big a deal.